SEASON at the ETSI Research Conference

  • February 7, 2023
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This week, the SEAON Project Coordinator Filippo Cugini and the SEASON Technical Manager Ramon Casellas attended the ETSI Research Conference focusing on “Maximizing the Impact of European 6G Research through Standardization”

In the presentation, Ramon first highlighted the SEASON Key Objective of designing and validatating an innovative B5G optical transport network infrastructure ranging from access to metro/long-haul and leveraging on:

  • Multi-Band over Space Division Multiplexing (SDM)​
  • Integration of optical networks with the packet and computing layers​
  • AI-driven self-managed control & orchestration​
  • Energy-efficient high-capacity solutions

Then, ​the planned standardization activities were introduced.

​Potential targeted standardizations include:

1) OpenConfig, OpenROADM, ONF (ODTN/ONOS/OTCC) and OpenXR forum with contributions on:

  • YANG data models for NETCONF/RESTCONF and gRPC/gNMI as control and telemetry transport protocols​
  • ONOS SDN Controller, ETSI TFS SDN Controller (orchestration), TAPI North Bound Interface
  • Point to multi-point transceiver control

2) Telecom Infra Project (TIP) on:

  • unified SDN control and management of the disaggregated, multi-vendor components within an open optical network, including Optical Line System (OLS), Open Terminals and Optical Planning tools.

3) ETSI on:

  • Gap analysis of ETSI OSM integration with Transport SDN and OSM plugins to interwork with the TAPI NBI of Optical Transport SDN controllers, to dynamically provision end to end connectivity services. 
  • ETSI Industry Specification Group on 5th generation fixed network, to support three main features: full-fibre connection (FFC), enhanced fixed broadband (eFBB) and guaranteed reliable experience (GRE).

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